Love Your Body Love Yourself

Love Your Body Love Yourself (LYBLY) is about listening, surrendering, and unconditionally loving our bodies and our selves. It is letting go of the diet mentality and what society says we are supposed to look like and instead discovering, developing, and nurturing a relationship with our bodies that enables us to look in the mirror and say, “I am HOT!”

When we feel good, when we feel alive, when we feel vibrant in our body, we stop thinking about what we look like. Our body is no longer too thin or not thin enough; instead, we become an expression of our life's purpose. 

What if you could just let it all go and move on? What if, in this moment, right now, you really are loved, appreciated, and OK with your body? What would your next thought be?  What would you do?

LYBLY is about unapologetically accepting who we are and moving on. Moving on with the butt that was never the right size. Moving on with the 30lbs we could never shake. Moving on from the binge-exercise-binge-exercise cycle. Moving on from belief systems and patterns that aren’t serving us and instead living a life that’s full and yummy!

I notice a lot of women that want to sit around and talk about what they don’t like about their bodies. They talk as if they have to apologize for who they are. We need to stop this shame game that women often have with their bodies. As women, as older women, as women who are modeling to young girls, we need teach young girls how to appreciate their bodies, how to love their bodies. We need to, as a whole, look at what is being presented to us and take responsibility.

LYBLY is about creating what we do want in our lives: deeper relationships, a kick ass job, thriving health, and a prosperous lifestyle. It is about stepping out of shame and into owning our beauty and worth. It is about enjoying all the things life has to offer when we get out of our head and get into our life.

My journey towards body love and acceptance, and self-love had an awakening during my work as a Reiki Master. In sharing Reiki, I began to see where and how I was out of alignment with what Reiki is -unconditional love. I was judging myself and not loving myself. Reiki taught me to relax into that love to see my radiance. From that place came lessons from one of my greatest teachers: pleasure.

These lessons into pleasure lead to the realization that we can’t have this conversation around health and body image without talking about sex and sensuality. Because of shame and projection we often lose sight of ourselves as the beautiful, sensual, sexual beings that we all are. Developing this powerful self-relationship is about owning and learning how to be comfortable within our own sensuality and sexuality. When I finally surrendered to unconditional love and was able to let go of obsessive body image thoughts and finally listen, I was then able to look in the mirror and think, feel, say, and believe “Damn, I look good!” Now, I am taking responsibility as a strong feminine woman to say, “I love my body” because when I do, it gives other women the permission to do so too.

Are you with me?

I am here to support you as you journey further towards your deepest, truest, most ecstatic you.

Are you ready?

Let’s Work Together on your Self Love Discovery Journey:

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Body Compassion Collective

Ready to stop fighting food and find peace with your body? If so, then Body Compassion Collective is for you. The Body Compassion Collective is a supportive journey teaching you how to have freedom with food, body confidence & experience more compassion in your life.  Body Compassion Collective incorporates Three Components. It doesn’t focus on getting your body to a certain weight so you can feel confidence. It uses 3 powerful tools that will change how you feel about yourself and how you take care of yourself. If you commit to these tools, It will change your behaviors with food and dramatically increase levels of joy.

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One on One Coaching Sessions

Are you ready for a deep and supportive journey into the embodiment of your amazingness? I understand what it takes to release negative, sabotaging beliefs and behaviors and replace these with empowering, positive beliefs that create the life and body that you love. As your guide I will assist you to fully step into your power, make healthy loving choices, feel good in your body and live the life that you LOVE. If you are looking to have the right relationship with your body, food, and weight, I can help. Contact me below!

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Reiki Support

Reiki is love. Reiki radiates our highest potential. Reiki heals. Interested in how Reiki can support your healing journey?

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Having shared the message of positive body image, Reiki, women’s empowerment, and self-care for over 10 years I know the power of creating a lasting impression on an audience. Through the sharing of my story and offering practical, tangible steps I offer a powerful, fun, and creative experience for both small groups and large audiences.

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