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Marla Mervis Hartmann, I speak to the Heart of the Matter…How to Love your Body Love Yourself!


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Turn that Frown Upside Down

-The Power of Positive Self- talk -

Is that little voice inside of your head your best friend or biggest enemy? Speaking down to yourself is not a small thing. It creates havoc on your physical, mental and emotional well being. Negative self talk can affect people in profound ways. By keeping students in constant fight or flight, studies show that negative self talk lowers their performance, creates low self-esteem, and decreases motivation. Most people think that negative thoughts are uncontrollable, but they actually have the power to change those thoughts.

When they don’t like themselves, they create stress. This stress keeps them from being the leader, friend, family member, worker that they could authentically be.
Prioritizing positive self-talk is key to creating change, holding a leadership role and being a success.

This presentation educates the participants about the repercussions of negative self-talk and how to replace it with positive. In this playful yet poignant workshop, they will learn how 5 steps to turn your negative self-talk into positive. They will be led through mindset meditations, partnering exercise and interactive experiences to support them to not only understand the importance of positive self-talk but to make changes NOW.

There’s no doubt the participants will walk away feeling AWESOME about themselves!

Audiences Learn:

  • 5 steps to turn your negative self-talk into positive.

  • Tools on what to do when negative self-talk takes over.

  • Empowerment to change their negativity to positivity.

 Love the Skin you are In- Secrets to Body Confidence

90% of all women do not like their body. Negative Body Image not only affects the relationship to their body and food, it directly impacts relationships, work/school work, health and the ability to take action on goals. If they don’t have confidence in their body, they hide, shrink and dim their light.

In this interactive presentation, Marla will share her own struggles with a dysfunctional body-relationship and how she mastered turning body negativity into appreciation. Students will not only leave with tools to create more confidence but will have the opportunity to shift any self-negative beliefs to positive on the spot. No matter if their struggles are with their body, relationships or their studies, they will discuss how accepting their body can help overcome these challenges.
Through this talk, they will confidently move through the world with permission to be a powerful leader. They will stop comparing themselves to others and acknowledge their own unique gifts and specialties.

Audiences learn:

  • 3 mindset tools to create confidence

  • Strategies to transform negative beliefs

  • Tools to stop comparing themselves to others

  • How to tap into self-compassion consistently

How Barbie, Photo Shop & Media has a negative effect on Body Image -

3 Steps to take Back Your POWER!

Body image dissatisfaction is a growing epidemic. By overemphasizing our looks, society has taught women to constantly judge and dislike our bodies. Eighty-five percent of women believe that they are either slightly or seriously overweight. The imagery women consume on a daily basis makes them feel “disgusting” and “less than”. This talk will support the students to take back their power from society’s ideas of body perfection. A LOT of time is wasted on their looks, when students could be creating a bigger impact in their community.

In this talk, women will discover that their beauty is more than skin deep. They will learn skills to accept their body, focus on building up their strengths and find happiness with who they are. Women will be empowered to question society’s view of women. They will create a new vision for women. Women will have the opportunity to share their personal experience and replace negative beliefs with new positive ways to see themselves and others. Through self-acceptance, women will learn to be open to diversity and social justice for all body types and sizes.

Women attendees will feel more confident in the bodies they have NOW.

Audiences Learn:

  • how to let go of dieting and body dissatisfaction.

  • tools to focus on more important aspects of life such as leadership, community, creating a difference, stronger relationships.

  • tips to see media’s images, diet culture and the women around them in a more empowered way.

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