Audio Course  In this audio course I will share the powerful use of Reiki principals in creating a healthy relationship with your body and weight. You will discover how Reiki can help lower stress levels that cause weight gain and block your body’s natural rhythm. This course is designed to create compassion while dealing with your food and body. If you’d like to learn how to appreciate your body right now and discover how sensuality and pleasure are keys to body acceptance. 




New Improved Everyday Reiki

The Everyday Reiki Experiment- Think about it. Envision it. What life do you want to create for yourself? What are your desires and intentions for the coming year?  Whatever it may be, Reiki can support you.

What needs to heal for you to live your most vibrant life? What traumas are too hard to face? What physical pains affect your daily life?  Whether the ache is of the body, mind, or heart, Reiki can help you heal yourself. You’ve come to Reiki for a reason. You’re on the path of self-growth. Perhaps you’re just reading about Reiki for the first time, or perhaps you’ve already experienced how deeply Reiki can smooth the way in front of you, giving you confidence, energy, and opening you up to love. Either way, Everyday Reiki is for you.




Receive Reiki sessions via Skype or phone

From the comfort of your home you can receive the benefits of a Reiki session. Reiki knows no barriers or boundaries. Its positive loving transforming qualities are ALWAYS reliable. If you or someone is in need of Reiki support but not in the LA area, or in pain and unable to drive, distant healing is a beneficial way of receiving Reiki. Check out these testimonials to see if Distant Healing is right for you. LEARN MORE about Marla's Distant Healing Sessions.

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Pregnancy and Postpartum Reiki

Reiki energy helps pregnant and postpartum mamas with a myriad of physical symptoms, such as bloating, water retention, nausea, lower back and sciatica. Reiki’s relaxing and calming nature has helped many women sleep sounder and longer. It can help mamas feel more grounded and release any anxiety, fears, emotions that
are related to birth . Reiki can assist you in having a successful and fulfilling delivery. It removes energy blocks therefore allowing the birth to flow more freely. Because Reiki accelerates the healing process, it is a great aid for postpartum recovery.

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One on One Reiki Sessions

Reiki releases stress in the body so we can heal ourselves. It is a subtle but powerful energy that balances and harmonizes our body. My intention is to create a safe and relaxing space where your whole being can receive deep healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Through Reiki I will help you realign your energy while receiving guidance to support you on your path.