Reiki Private Sessions
What happens at a Reiki session with me?

My Reiki sessions are 75-90 minutes. The Reiki session starts by checking in to learn more about you and your intention for the session. On a massage table, I begin to channel Reiki. My hands are intuitively guided to certain body centers(chakras). My approach to healing is integrative. Massage, breath work and guided visualizations are often used in the sessions. (Depending on the desires of the client, determines how much massage is used.)

After the bodywork, we have a conversation to help you integrate the Reiki session. Often I ‘pick up’ information that would be valuable. These can be tools and suggestions for creating empowering choices in your life. It is also a great time to share and receive any feedback on your experience.

Reiki energy is very smart and will go wherever the body, mind and spirit need it. All you have to do is relax, breathe and let go. The more open and available you are with no expectations, the more the Reiki will flow.

The Reiki experience is unique to every individual. Many feel warmth flowing throughout their bodies. This leaves them feeling relaxed and calm. Many clients fall asleep during sessions or go into a deep meditation.

Many people ask, “How often shall I receive Reiki?” Reiki is cumulative. The more you receive the more you will resonate with its loving energy. Because it work on all levels, body, mind, and spirit it can take more than one session to create lasting effects. In a culture that wants a quick fix, Reiki allows for a subtle, powerful and empowering choice.

Some clients will work weekly on a consistent basis if an acute situation has occurred. Others come for a monthly tune up. Some clients have decided to take the power into their own hands and become a Reiki Practitioner. Marla will assess your specific needs and together you will create a plan.  To schedule a private Reiki Session please send me a message via my Contact Page.