6 Months of Everyday Reiki


6 Months of Everyday Reiki


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The Benefits of Reiki
Even a single session of Reiki can have extraordinary effects, but Reiki is known to be cumulative; the more Reiki energy you receive, the happier, healthier, and more aligned you become. The ongoing effects of Reiki include:

-    Self-love and acceptance
-    Release of physical pain and suffering
-    Additional energy
-    Day-to-day joy and gratitude
-    Financial flow and abundance
-    Better relationships
-    More vibrant sex life
-    Enhanced creativity
-    Letting go of shame and guilt
-    Restorative and restful sleep
-    Overall ease and grace
-    More prosperity

The Everyday Reiki Experiment
Throughout my life, and through the lives of my clients, I’ve seen the miraculous changes Reiki is able to catalyze. No matter life’s challenges, having continual Reiki makes a HUGE difference. If only this was available to everyone!

With that thought in mind, I began the first incarnation of Everyday Reiki in 2017. I wanted to offer energetic support and the benefits of Reiki all year round; I wanted to show up with the intention of being of service, to let people know that even though they’re doing so much on their own, they don’t have to be alone in their journey. I wanted to create a program where, for a dollar a day, anyone could experience the constant healing effects of Reiki.

I’m so grateful to say the Everyday Reiki program was a wonderful success. Those who joined in, experienced the support, care, and healing energy that flowed throughout the year, and even wrote in about the amazing effects Everyday Reiki had on their day-to-day lives.