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Radio Interviews



Archives of Marla’s radio Show: Live. Love. Thrive! CLICK HERE

Sex Lab with Lara Catone: CLICK HERE

We Choose Respect Parent Cast "How to teach our Children Positive Body Image": CLICK HERE

Empowered Life Radio Show: How to Love Your Body CLICK HERE

Seven Chakras Radio Show "Step into your greatness, empower yourself and experience unconditional love with Marla": CLICK HERE

Intuitive Mom Podcast "Importance of Loving Your Body as a Parent":

Parent Pump Radio Teaching Children Positive Body Image CLICK HERE

Self Discovery Radio- Changes and Transitions-Love Your BodyCLICK HERE

Living Fabulously with Bev-Build your Positive Self- Talk Muscle CLICK HERE

The Dr. Zoe Show-Redefining your Superwoman-Accepting the Body you Live In. CLICK HERE

Heal Better Faster  -When Willpower Fails, Do this to heal CLICK HERE

Life Hacks Blog  -The Woman Who Broke all Societal Stereotypes CLICK HERE

Raising a Powerful Girl -Tools for Parents to Raise Body Confident Children  CLICK HERE

International Angels Network -Divine Guidance - “Do You Love Your Body?” with Marla Mervis-Hartmann CLICK HERE

Clit Talk -Body Shaming Love Your Whole Self- Part 1 & 2 CLICK HERE

Period is Power -Body Shame to Embodied Pleasure CLICK HERE

Video Interviews

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Ann Obrien’s on Loving Your Body : CLICK HERE

Live Out Loud with Junie Moon: CLICK HERE

Synergy Café: CLICK HERE

How Negative Body Image Affects your Health with Dr. Cari Schaefer: CLICK HERE

Cultivating Sexual Confidence-3 Practices to Feel Beautiful all the time with Eva Clay : CLICK HERE



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Guided Meditations on CD

Journeying Through The Chakras

Guided Meditations by Reiki Master Marla Mervis Hartmann

Relaxing Into Meditation (feat. Charles Schacht)
Root Chakra (Grounding) (feat. Olaf Hartmann)
Sacral Chakra (Stimulate Your Creativity and Passion for Life) (feat. Amoraea)
Solar Plexus (Accept Your Perfection) [feat. Amoraea]
Heart Chakra (Give and Receive Love Freely) [feat. Amoraea]
Throat Chakra (Express Yourself With Joy) [feat. Amoraea]
Third Eye Chakra (Listen to Your Inner Wisdom) [feat. Amoraea]
Crown Chakra (Connecting to Oneness) [feat. Amoraea]
Integration of Chakras (feat. Charles Schacht)

 How to use this Chakra Meditation CD. Each meditation can be used on it’s own for focused Chakra clearing or play the whole CD starting with Root Chakra and moving up to Crown Chakra. My intention is to offer Guided Meditations to enhance your own Meditation Practice. I pray you drop in deeply and feel the presence of Spirit.

Heal Your Self Meditation CD

Guided by Reiki Master Marla Marvis Hartmann

Deep Relaxation (Yoga Nidra) (13:10) – Based on the Yoga Nidra style of deep relaxation, also known as psychic sleep, in a short period of time your body can achieve a deep and restful state.

Breath of Color Meditation (15:30) – The perfect way to calm the mind is to focus on the breath. Combining this with color visualization, both mind and body can restore balance and harmony.

Healing Light Meditation (12:44) – Light is one of the oldest and most precious of healing tools and in this meditation we use the Light to both nourish and heal.

A special set of easy to follow meditations and relaxations, each of which can be completed in no more than twenty minutes, perfect for a busy schedule. With soothing background music and the comforting voice of Marla Mervis Hartmann, this CD is bound to bring a deep sense of comfort, relaxation and healing to all that choose to enjoy.