After 15 years of exploring Reiki, the relationship keeps deepening. And just like any great relationship, Reiki has touched my heart, shown me my uncomfortable edges, expanded my capacity to love and taught me to see the positive.

Reiki found me. Since that day we have had an ever growing and deepening relationship. In that moment I could not have imagined that, years later, I would be dedicated to sharing Reiki with so many.

Reiki and I met at a support group for eating issues. A woman sat in the corner with a slight grin on her face and her hands on her heart. My initial reaction was to be embarrassed for her. How could she be loving herself so openly? That embarrassment quickly transitioned to desire for what she had and radiated. We spoke afterwards which lead to her inviting and taking me to my first Reiki Circle. It was at this circle that I found my Reiki Master and a community committed to sharing this healing energy. 

We were immediately compatible, Reiki and I. Since childhood I have loved using my hands for healing and have carried a yearning for spirituality. As a hands on and Spirit based healing modality, it was a perfect match. I had a deep longing to better myself and to learn ways to bring Spirit into my life that Reiki answered.

My self-healing journey came with good intentions however, my search for transformation came from a place of  “I am wrong. I need to be fixed.” Through Reiki I was able to turn that around. I was given access to Spirit’s unconditional acceptance and love. This energy allowed me to acknowledge all my beauty. My personal growth evolved into creating more loving choices for myself and release the sense of wrongness 

The more I experienced Reiki’s loving frequency the more fascinated I became with all the benefits that it could provide. During my early Reiki days I learned skills for manifesting and actualizing my desires. As my journey progressed Reiki assisted me in letting go of old shameful beliefs about sex and my own sensuality. This transformation profoundly changed my relationship to love, sexuality, and intimacy and was a gateway to learning about and eventually teaching Tantra. I can honestly say that Reiki was a pivotal component to the healing of my relationship with both my body and food. 

After 15 years of exploring Reiki, the relationship keeps deepening. Just like any great relationship Reiki has touched my heart, shown me my uncomfortable edges, expanded my capacity to love, and taught me to see the positive.

Here's a 'small' list of what Reiki has awakened in me:

  • A transformation from Victim to Spiritual Warrior 
  • A close feeling to God
  • Love for my body
  • An expanded ability to feel pleasure
  • A positive and life-loving lens
  • The power to give a healing touch 
  • A deep connection to my husband and other loved ones
  • Healing of deep inner wounds
  • The ability to guide my students & clients into deep meditative states of peace
  • A deeper connection to my intuition
  • Protective shields of love

      REIKI is LOVE! 

I love teaching Reiki. It is an empowering modality. Though being channeled through a Master, it is up to the person to receive and open themselves to healing and step into self-healing. I have seen so many lives transform before my eyes. Victimhood and negativity melt away and in its place come empowerment and love. Deeper wounds begin to heal opening a person to a life that is fully their own with a greater capacity to manifest and accept all of life’s gifts.

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