What they said........

“ I learned how to slow down and listen to what my body wants to eat.”

“ I have stopped controlling every aspect of my life.”

“ I am willing to accept a compliment about my body.”

“ I lovingly created boundaries with my family around my food choices.”

“ I am more compassionate and kind to myself.”

“ I realize that it has little to do food.”

“ I am no longer binging and making food bad or good.”

“ I don’t feel guilty about my food and I actually like what I look like.”

I had the last Coaching Call for The Pleasure Plan this week. These comments were some of the takeaways that the women shared.

I had no intention of doing The Pleasure Plan again this year. But my commitment to helping more women learn to stop the endless cycle of beating themselves up, obsessing about their body and food choices and feeling like crap about themselves, has led me to the decision
to offer this program this Fall.

If you want to learn more and get on the Pleasure Plan waitlist, click here.

You’ll get my favorite Module as a gift too!

Love you!