Sitting Belly vs Standing Belly

The first picture used to terrify me. If I looked at myself when my belly was relaxed, I would be disgusted, embarrassed and eventually beat myself up.

The second picture made me feel confident. I knew that all was okay with my body and therefore I could approve of myself.

The illusion is they are the same belly. They both exist. They are both me.

My tantra teacher taught me the importance of a soft belly. When we relax our belly we feel ourselves more. We have more access to our sexuality. We are connected to our sensuality, grounding and overall body sensations. As a culture, women are taught to suck it all in. “Hold that belly in. Don’t let them see your flesh!” “Love handles-GROSS!”

After childbirth, many women never return to their original belly. That can be excruciating for some women. I wonder what would happen for us as a culture if, after childbirth, soft bellies was admired, respected and looked upon as sexy. Can you imagine the relief that we would feel?
We could actually get on with other more important issues- like having FUN, being joyful and loving life to its fullest!

Are you willing to relax your belly today? Are you willing to let your belly soften without shame?

Check it out. Start in the privacy of your own home or at your computer or in your car? Notice any emotions that may be present.

When I first started softening my belly, it ached. The tension releasing from my belly was intense and I had a lot of fear. It took days to allow for the deep release.

Our bellies are vulnerable and intimate and they tell a story. What does your belly have to say?

Let me know.