What is Pleasure?

PLEASURE is when we feel good about ourselves from the inside out. PLEASURE is sometimes a quiet whisper that says, “thank you for not eating that 3rd piece of cake or “thank you for taking a nap.” PLEASURE opens up our heart. It makes us more aware of life around us and within us. PLEASURE sex releases stress and makes our body tingle and feel alive.

PLEASURE is what we are looking for, and it is also the pathway to get what we want. I am not talking about instant gratification. I am talking about the PLEASURE that comes from the deep listening to our body that tells us we are on the right track. Webster’s dictionary defines PLEASURE as a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment: It also says it’s sensual enjoyment.

PLEASURE is about feeling good IN our bodies not just about what our body looks like.

PLEASURE is listening to how our body wants to move, what it wants to be fed, how it wants to be talked to, cared for, sexually connected to.

We are taught the No PAIN NO Gain Mentality. That we must endure blood sweat and tears in order to be worthy of an achievement or dream.

How about we have the life, body, and career we want with PLEASURE as our guide?

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