How to Stop Beating Yourself Up- Video

It’s not your fault. Society has taught us to see ourselves as not enough. Our inner critic is programmed to look for weaknesses.

I used to beat myself up every day. I can remember standing in front of the mirror telling myself how ugly I looked. The deep despair I would feel from comparing myself to others. The constant inner voices telling me that I am not good enough.

Thank GOD I have turned that around. I am now gentle with myself. I have found the courage to be kind to myself.

Being hard on yourself looks differently for everyone.

  • Do you talk negatively about yourself?
  • Do you shame yourself when you make a mistake?
  • Do you look in the mirror and say mean things to yourself?
  • Do you eat food that you know will harm you?
  • Do you over exercise or don’t exercise at all?
  • Do you avoid self-care and put everyone’s needs before you?
  • Do you restrict your food in fear of gaining weight?

These are just a few ways that we can beat ourselves up. What are the ways you beat yourself up?

When we are hard on ourselves we choose to create a life of pain. The good news is we actually have a choice. You can choose to live a life with more pleasure. However, that is not easy. We are trained to avoid pain. However, we can learn to lean into pleasure.

Wanna learn how?

In this video, I will teach you how to shift from beating yourself up to having more moments of pleasure in your life.


  • Feeling confident and open to your beauty?
  • Looking in the mirror and saying something nice to yourself.
  • Prioritizing time for Self-Care.
  • Eating your meals with ease and grace.

On the other side of beating yourself is a life full of confidence, power, love, and acceptance. 

It’s a place that you are designed to live.  It is where you will finally feel at peace.  But what do you have to do to get there?