Body Acceptance Healing Circle- Video

Body Acceptance Reiki Healing Circle

Body Acceptance not only lets your inner beauty shine, it allows you to receive more pleasure in your life. When we spend time stressing about what we look like; we miss out on connection, intimacy, and ultimately our life's purpose.

Whether you struggle with body shame or have body pain that is bringing you down, this FB Live is for you.

Bring that beautiful body of yours to receive some Reiki Healing on Facebook Live~Today January 10 at Noon PST.

This self-empowering Healing Circle is designed to relax you and create a mini escape from your day.
You will:

🧚‍♂️hear about my Body Acceptance story.
🧚‍♂️learn specific tools to support you to accept your body.
🧚‍♂️dive into a body love meditation while receiving some Distant Healing Reiki.