We went deeper.

๐Ÿ˜œIt's not a good idea to have sex with the lights on.
๐Ÿ˜œIt's not a good idea to eat ice cream without going to the gym.
๐Ÿ˜œIt's definitely not a good idea to strut your stuff at a party when you are carrying 'extra' weight.


These were the beliefs that a recent client had about her body.

We unwound each belief and here's what we found:

She shared how uncomfortable she felt in her body and the weight she was at. She said she just couldn't seem to lose weight.

We went deeper.

She shared a memory that as a child she remembered feeling excited to show off her new halter top and matching shorts. At a picnic, 2 older girls made fun of her and told her, " your not so cute in those shorts." She was embarrassed and ashamed.

We went deeper.

She shared how she wanted to be seen and accepted exactly as she was. But she was scared. Scared if she allowed herself to feel good about herself she'd look like a fool.

We went deeper.

She realized that the weight she was holding onto had nothing to do with calories. She was hiding. She was hiding her body and her beauty and blaming it on her weight.

What a sigh of relief she released after making this proclamation. Her whole body relaxed and settled. Her face softened and seemed to become younger.

โค๏ธSelf-love began to seep into her being.

You see my friends, these negative beliefs about our weight and body are superficial. There is something lurking beneath the surface that wants to be healed.
Once healed, your body will find its natural authentic beauty.

I can help you find this beauty. It's innately yours.