"How do you stay so thin?"

I was taking a dance class and a thin woman asked me, "How do you stay so thin?" I paused. She said, "oh you probably don't eat bread and pasta or you probably exercise a lot."

Sure, I love to exercise and no I don't eat a whole lot of bread and pasta. I knew that she was actually searching for a deeper answer.
She didn't need me to give her my exercise regime or what I eat. Because honestly, it doesn't really matter.

My answer, "I listen to my body. I'm nice to it. And I don't say mean things to myself. Actually, I'm quite kind to myself. "
She looked at me like I was crazy and kinda dismissed my answer. But I could tell that that deeper part of her heard me loud and clear.

I'm not saying that if you are nice to your body it will be thin. But what I am saying is, no amount of dieting and beating yourself up ever results in long lasting results of weight loss and most importantly happiness.

So why not just listen and be kind to your body?!!