Do you suffer from Sleep loss? If so, Reiki can help!

Do you suffer from Sleep loss?

If so, Reiki can help!

Many people suffer from not being able to fall asleep or they wake up in the middle of the night. Sleep loss and challenges with sleep often happens when you are stressed and need sleep the most.

Reiki came from the two Japanese words – Rei ~ “Universal Life” and Ki ~“Energy.” Reiki is life force energy flowing through you. So, if you have a low energy force, then you are likely to feel stressed and stress is one of the contributors for lacking an ample amount of sleep.

Hence, with ongoing Reiki, not only do you have better sleep but your body feels more energetic. That is exactly why I created Everyday Reiki; so you can receive the benefits of on-going Reiki.  Getting the sound sleep that you rightfully deserve is one of the gifts of Everyday Reiki.

On top of a sound deep sleep, the benefits of Everyday Reiki include calmness, manifesting your desires, loving interactions with others, and a better sex life. Reiki also helps you to release your old traumas, shame and guilt.

So, are you in need of healing? The healing brought by Reiki is not only physical, mental and emotional but spiritual as well.

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