Sigh of Relief

This past Saturday I hosted 12 women at my home for my Lean Into Love body image workshop. During this workshop, we uncovered several common misbeliefs: My body is not good enough/thin enough/pretty enough. There was an over-all lack of body acceptance and a desire to change the body in order to feel good. When I asked the women if they would be willing to accept their bodies for the next 3 hours, a pervasive sense of fear and vulnerability washed over the group. They spoke about constantly comparing themselves to others and shared about their relationship to their bodies and how this relationship had affected their sexuality.

What brought everyone a sigh of relief was a connection to the body. Together, we moved. We danced. We breathed deeply. We screamed. We sighed. We touched and were touched. We connected to our bodies. This connection brought pleasure, which replaced the negative beliefs about the body. We got out of our heads and into our bodies. We followed pleasure. This was what brought on the sigh of relief.

Sometimes fighting negativity, criticism and discomfort is an uphill battle. If we wait to change all our negative thoughts in order to feel good about ourselves, we may be waiting a long time. Instead, we can bypass these negative thoughts by connecting to our bodies with love, care and presence - being with ourselves on all levels. Pleasure can replace the pain of negative body thoughts.

This was the gift that was offered, shared and accepted at the workshop.
Are you interested in how you can let go of the negativity towards your body and be more accepting? If so, press reply and let's talk about it. There's no time like now to put away pain and suffering and find a new way to live life with more joy and freedom.