Appreciation for my Reiki Master


On January 27, 2002, I became a Reiki 1 practitioner. This forever changed my life. I found a new way of life on that day. After my Reiki 1 Class, I remember feeling so different and special while amongst friends; I felt like I had a secret. A secret way of being within myself. 

I am forever grateful to my Reiki master Carmen Larino for sharing Reiki with me and teaching me the Reiki principles with such passion. I knew I had the right Reiki teacher/guide when I shared the darkest and most shameful parts of myself and Carmen would say, "I understand your pain and you are so much more than that. You are beautiful inside and out and deserve to feel good about yourself." She taught me how even the darkest parts of myself deserved to brought into the light and loved. This was Reiki and this was being accepted unconditionally. She taught me that Reiki itself was love - not pink, fluffy, sappy love - but deep reaching and sometimes even heart-wrenching love. 

Carmen also taught me one of the biggest lessons that I've integrated into my life: the gift of Grace and Ease. After my Reiki 1 class, I thought I'd never be stressed out again and that becoming a Reiki practitioner would allow me to quickly heal any parts of myself that I thought needed healing. (HaHa) I made a long list of all the aspects of myself and my life that I wanted to heal.  So the universe gave me many tests/challenges all at the same time. Instead of feeling stress-free and relaxed, I had a healing crisis. I remember calling Carmen p**sed off. "Why is this happening to me? I'm supposed to feel calm." Carmen gently said, "Well, tell the universe to back off. Pick an aspect you want to 'work' on and let the others go. And ALWAYS add 'with Grace and Ease' to every intention." For example, " I'd like to release the anger I feel and find peace in my relationships - with Grace and Ease." Or, " I'd like to quit my job and find one that aligns perfectly with my life's purpose - with Grace and Ease."

My connection with Carmen was divinely inspired. I feel a warm spot in my heart for this woman who taught me the gift of Reiki. There are many Reiki teachers and guides. It is important to find someone who resonates with you and your intentions. If you would like to learn Reiki and wonder if we would resonate together, press Reply and we can set up a time to talk.