Receiving Support

I have been consciously praying for more support in my life. When I have a strong support system, transformation occurs. My intention is to grow and expand. So, I found an awesome business coach, help with child-care and assistance with challenging relationships.

Honestly, I am in the middle of it. I am uncomfortable. I’m in between the old way of thinking and the creation of a new approach to how I live my life. I feel vulnerable. My head feels foggy. I am in surrender.
I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have support. It would be too tricky for me to navigate this place alone. Having this support, I am comfortable in my discomfort. Instead of looking for answers, I am asking deeper questions.
I have a whole arsenal of tools to take care of myself: Reiki, yoga, inner child work, breath work, meditation, and on and on. Personally, I am ALL for self help and personal growth. However, I believe that we need each other. We truly need someone to tell us what they see, to lovingly challenge us and teach us new ways, different approaches. Although I have lots of tools to create and manifest what I want in my life, I know that I need others. I need care, guidance, love and touch.
What do you want to create in your life?
Are you ready for change? What kind of support can you manifest to help you?

In loving support,