My process of clearing my emotions

When I share with clients my process of clearing my emotions by crying, screaming, dancing and punching pillows, they are often pleasantly surprised. A Reiki master getting pissed off? Yes, I get pissed, angry, and frustrated! Why?  I am a human being, of course!

The question people often ask is,  “Isn’t Reiki supposed to calm you down so you don’t have those feelings?” While it is true that Reiki does help us calm down and see life through a more positive lens. It does not allow for spiritual bypass. So, the answer is “NO!” Reiki helps me meet myself! It gets me in touch with what is honestly going on. Reiki isn’t an “Airy Fairy High in the Sky I Love Everything Drug.” It is REAL. 

And sometimes punching my pillow, crying at the top of my lungs, dancing out my frustrations is exactly what I need in order to find that space of love again! Right below anger is acceptance. Right beside sadness is relief and right below passion is even more passion.

Feel it. You will feel better.