My new favorite inspiration!

I wanted to share my new favorite ‘inspiration’ that was shared by my mentor Norwood Yamini.

I am sovereign. I win. I prevail. Things always work out for me. Because I tend my own vibration. I am always at choice. I choose to align with Source energy as my reference point for living. My joy, happiness and sense of well being are not dependent on external circumstances, including the behavior or actions of others. Everything outside of me is simply information telling me how to adjust my alignment with Source. Therefore, I win. I prevail. Things always work out for me. Because… I get what I want… Union with Source”

Playing with this affirmation has been helping me a lot. I find it extremely empowering to know that my happiness resides in my perception and alignment . Some days it is not fun to take responsibility. I want to blame someone else for causing me pain. Other days, I want to roll around in self pity or upset. When I feel the pain fully, I am FINALLY ready to stop suffering and to feel good again. Easy does it; as I allow God’s presence to remind me of how supported, loved and cared for I am. And then slowly, I can relax into the knowing that all is well.

My invitation is to explore this affirmation and see what transforms in your life.