I forgot about my pint of chocolate ice cream!

This may not seem like a big deal to you. However, for those who have ever :

  • ate a cookie super fast so no one would see
  • haven't been able to stop at a couple of potato chips
  • attacked a jar of peanut butter before you even notice that it was half way gone

Chances are YOU understand how exciting it was for me when I realized that


Years ago my life revolved around obtaining eating chocolate ice cream and then getting rid of the calories I consumed. I was obsessed with Chocolatey, Sugary, Creamy Food- aka chocolate ice cream.

I remember while living in NYC and working at the Hard Rock Cafe that I would binge on their brownie sundaes. Frantically eating them as quick as I could before anyone saw. The shame I would experience would ultimately lead me to eating nachos or having a milkshake OR starving myself the next day. Oh the cycle was brutal.

My solution?????? I stopped eating chocolate and sweets for close to 8 years. NADA! No chocolate. No recreational sugar! I got my sanity back. My life wasn't ruled by desserts.

I was free!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then 1 day, during my pregnancy, I realized, I wasn't afraid of chocolate. I wasn'tafraid of sugar. So I ate it! OHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE chocolate! I am soooo happy to havethis deliciousness back into my life. I can have it now with no SHAME~no Blame~no FEARof the fat consequences.  I eat it now and sometimes waaayyyyy more than is good for me.

But it doesn't control me.

So, when I forgot about my pint of chocolate ice cream in my freezer, I was reminded of how far I have come!!!! I can eat chocolate ice cream without being obsessed by its presence- essentially CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM DOESN'T RULE MY LIFE.

It is not easy to be free of food and body shame in a society that glamorizes and awards thinness. It is not easy to enjoy food, when we are bombarded with shoulds and shouldn'ts..

It is possible.

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LOVE Marla