A Love Story

I’d like to tell you a Love Story. This love story is about my sister Jill and her beloved Jason.
Jason and Jill were awake early, snuggling in bed, when all of a sudden JASON fell back and said, “Oh my god! My head is bleeding. It isn’t good.” He shook. His eyes closed. He went immediately into a coma. He was life flighted and after two grueling days in the hospital, Jason passed.

So let’s back up: Jill was in a very tumultuous marriage that left her feeling disempowered and alone. After a lot of soul-searching, she left this marriage. Shortly after her divorce was settled, Jill celebrated with friends. It was that night she met Jason. Jill had no plans to be in a relationship so soon after leaving her marriage, but she had no other choice. For Jason won her heart.

Jason was a big man. He had a big smile, a big personality, a big mouth (heehee) and a big heart. Jason was loved by everyone around him. He was the most generous man I know. He had this knack of making everyone feel special. But most importantly, he loved my sister Jill. He called her his angel. Jason adored Jill. He loved her daughters and showed up for her. Jason helped Jill find her worthiness. He helped heal her heart.
I could see how my sister changed when she met him. What I did not know is how she helped heal his heart.

At the funeral, and the days preceding, Jason’s family and friends continually praised Jill. They were so grateful for her presence in Jason’s life. He was at a deep low after his divorce. Jill helped Jason restore his spark and joy. It was obvious that his children, friends and family received so much from Jill’s and Jason’s love.

When death happens to someone so young, the most common response is why? Why now? What’s the point? Why did you go, Jason? Why, God? These questions can only be answered individually and in the stillness and quietness of our hearts. Seeing my sister grieve and his children’s sadness, I become overwhelmed with my own grief.
In order to find peace, I find the love. I find the story. Jill and Jason’s love story was so beautiful to witness. Watching my sister blossom and getting to know this teddy bear of a guy has left on me a deep imprint of the power of love.
Their love story was written because of Jason’s death. I find myself questioning why we wait to share a love story until someone dies. Why not share our love stories now?

I’ve been thinking about my love story of my husband Olaf.
My love story of my Mom and Dad.
My love story of my Sisters.
My love story of my Friends.
My love story of my Son.
My love story of my passions.

Love continues. The next chapter needs to be written.

Jill and Jason’s story continues, too. For their love doesn’t end because of Jason’s passing. It is alive in Jill’s heart and in her life.

Let’s not wait for loss or death to share our love stories. What are your love stories? Are you willing to share them with people you love? Tell them your version of the love story.