Bummed by a Gluten Allergy?

When I first found out I had an allergy to Gluten I was super bummed.

It was at a point in my life where food I had a lot of freedom around my food. I was no longer restricting and open to eating pizza pasta and desserts.

My initial thought was " Really??!!! I have FINALLY given myself full permission with my food and now I can't eat it!! WTF!"

And then I realized. I actually had choices. I could continue to eat Gluten knowing of my extreme allergy. I see many people do that. They just say it's so hard and continue to eat food they know is hurting their body.
Or I could choose from a place of Self-Love to give myself food that made me feel good and kept my body healthy.

And it helped to realize all the amazing goodies that one can still indulge in while being Gluten Free.(I'm dairy free too.)

Here's one of my Favorite Books and Recipes from the book. Please excuse the stained page. I've made this Yummy Fudge many times!!

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