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I love working with Marla because she creates such a real, honest and safe space to have a conversation. I have recommended Marla to a number of women. I let them know that she is all about promoting love for yourself and love for others.
— Anna Crucitt
Marla is the best coach I have ever had and her insight is second to none. she was able to cut through to my issue right away. I am so grateful to have met her and all for all the help she has given me. If anyone wants to change negative patterns with food, Marla is the p[erson you should work with. she helped me resolve me long-standing issues.
— Alexis Harrison

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Your Call Host: Marla Mervis-Hartmann

Ever since I can remember, I have had an issue with my body. I was always concerned with what I looked like and did many things to control my weight: over-exercising, under eating, throwing up, cleansing, and restricting certain ‘bad’ foods.  Nothing I did ever helped my disgust and body shame. I would lament, cry, and ultimately sooth myself with food.

I was on a cyclical pattern – restrict, overeat, shame, and repeat.

I remember a particularly miserable day. It was a challenging time in my life, my boyfriend had just left me and my career was nowhere to be found. I was at the gym. I got on the scale to find that I was the thinnest I had ever been.  I was shocked!

I was so unhappy despite having reached my ideal weight.

It was on that day that my illusion was shattered: being thin DID NOT equal being happy!  I always thought that once I got this ‘food’ thing figured out and I hit that magic number on the scale that my life would be in order, SO NOT TRUE!!!!

During my road to recovery, I have received support in many forms: therapy, Over-eaters Anonymous, family and friends, Positive Thinking Techniques, Reiki, Tantra, self-help books. All of these techniques were helpful however none of them actually worked.

It was only when I FINALLY SURRENDERED that I actually started looking and feeling better.  Now, I love my body more than I ever have and it shows.

My journey has been a long one that I honestly believed would never end. You don’t have to take the long road like I did. I promise you that you can stop self-hatred actions and change your life.

There is a way to get from ‘trying’ to love yourself to ACTUALLY LOVING YOURSELF and the way you look. I will hold your hand and help you on your journey.

There is another way of living. I know it because I’m FINALLY living it! You can, too.  Join us today.