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Body Compassion Collective

If so, this may sound all too familiar.

do you…

  • Eat an entire sleeve of cookies when you’re not even hungry.

  • No matter what the number is on the scale it never brings peace.

  • Too embarrassed about your belly to remove your shirt during sex.

  • Terrified your "bad behaviors" with your food and body will pass onto your children.

  • Swearing to give up eating sugar only to be drinking a mocha whip latte an hour later.

  • Afraid you will always feel awful when you look in the mirror

  • Obsess Obsess Obsess about what you look like.

  • Force yourself to go to the gym when all you really need to nap

Can You Imagine?

Looking in the mirror and feeling comfortable with what you see.

Waking up every day feeling good about yourself and confident in your food choices.

A life without dieting, restricting and feeling shame about your food.

Awakening your sexuality and becoming the full sensuous women that you meant to be.


Earlier Event: October 26
Love Your Body Yoga Workshop in LA