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Holiday Emotional Food Support

Are YOU struggling with Food and want someone to hold your hand and give you support?

While many of us look forward to the Holidays, if you are struggling with emotional eating and negative body image, it can be a very stressful time. The challenges to keep healthy behaviors and boundaries during the Holidays, especially when you are inundated with family dynamics can feel intense.

When I was struggling with disordered eating, I was obsessed and concerned with what and how much I ate. For many years, I felt defeated by food each night I climbed into bed. I’d exercise to help ease my guilt, but either way I was fighting food. Food ALWAYS won.

I wanted to be present with my family and enjoy the holidays completely, but my emotional eating and negative body image would take over and leave me feeling miserable.

What’s your experience around food and your body during the holidays?

If you want support to create peace with food this holiday season, I have something to help.

I am offering you an opportunity to be supported this holiday, with the Pleasure Plan Program.

You receive:
FULL access to my Pleasure Plan Program which includes:

  • 7 Video Modules Designed to teach you practical tools to have PLEASURE guide your decisions with food, movement/exercise, self-talk, self-care, & sexuality/sensuality

  • Workbook and Journaling Exercises

  • Lifetime access to The Pleasure Plan

  • Movement and Breath Exercises Designed to Access your Pleasure Body and Release Pain.

  • Email Support

  • 1 Private Coaching Session with me.