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Reiki 1 Class in Kittanning

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REIKI-I provides you with the tools for centering yourself, increasing self-confidence, and assisting you in manifesting your innermost desires. Once you are attuned t the energy, it is with you for life. You are taught the ancient technique to access your Higher Self for improved creativity, clarity, and intent of purpose.

In the Reiki 1 class, you receive 4 powerful attunements, learn hand positions for self and other, experience 2 guided meditations and discuss the spiritual aspects of Reiki and how to use these in your life.

What others are saying about Marla's Reiki Classes:

Before attending the Living Light Reiki 1 Class, this is what I was experiencing in my life, the loss of faith that I would ever be practicing the healing arts again, but after our time together, I was instantly able to experience loving and appreciating myself and helping my loved ones feel deeper into themselves, and as a result, here is what has changed in my life. I’ve allowed myself to open up to wisdom. I feel a deepening sense of inner peace and more open to listening to my heart.

I would absolutely recommend Marla because she truly lives the noble life of Reiki. Mariana Lopez

Marla, you are a talented and potent teacher! And the joy of sharing such sweet, vulnerable and powerful Truth, together -Wow.
I must express how much I enjoyed our phenomenal, magical meditations each day... that energy- and those inner journeys and revealed gifts, presented by our guides, burns bright forever now in my Heart and Soul.
The main result for me has been my experience of more fully and unconditionally learning and practicing loving and forgiving myself.
Tracy Carrara

Upcoming REIKI 1 Class-

Investment: $180

Investment: Payment must be paid in FULL upon registration to ensure your space in class.

Payment taken below or contact me for other payment options.

Earlier Event: August 3
Reiki 1 Class