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Emotional Holiday Food Support

Are YOU struggling with Food and want someone to hold your hand and give you support?

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It sucks to be obsessed with food and stressed out when you want to enjoy your family and friends. It can be challenging to keep healthy behaviors and boundaries during the Holidays, especially when you are inundated with family dynamics.

When I was struggling with disordered eating, I was obsessed and concerned with what and how much I ate. For many years, I felt defeated by food each night I climbed into bed. I'd exercise to help ease my guilt, but either way, I was fighting food. Food ALWAYS won. I felt alone.
 I've created

 Emotional Holiday Food Support

where you receive 1-1 support.

Together we can:

  • make a plan for holiday dinners.
  • deal with triggering family members.
  • create self-care structures.
  • release stress around food choices

You receive:

  • 3 Skype sessions
  • Email Support
  • Phone Spot Coaching
    for $497
    Date offered November 25-January 6

    Only 3 Spots AVAILABLE

To learn more, check out my Facebook Live:

Do the Holidays make you Feel Crazy around Food?


I share tips on how to deal with:

Family Dynamics

Emotional Eating

Negative Body Image

I give proven strategies that will help you ENJOY the Holidays instead of suffering with your food and what you look like.